Drop Bear Kitchen


Drop Bear Kitchen in Harbour Street, Whistable is currently only available for takeaway orders during our normal opening hours - as per government guidelines.

But … in these extraordinary times it is important to eat well and stay healthy. As shopping is becoming increasingly difficult we at the Drop Bear have decided to make our delicious, nutritious and wholesome food available for delivery direct to our customers.

How are we making our delivery business safe?

In order to provide this service and stay within the strict guidelines set out by the government to contain the COVID-19 virus we are implementing the following system:

  • We order our food from our local suppliers who deliver direct to our kitchen - minimising unnecessary travel
  • Your meal is prepared and cooked with skill and care before being gently cooled and frozen to maintain freshness and flavour whilst also assuring a high level of hygiene.
  • You can order your food by phone or preferably through this website using our secure payment system to reduce personal contact.
  • You will be contacted by our dispatch department to confirm your delivery time and any delivery instructions.
  • For added safety we recommend that you remove the contents of your delivery, place it in the freezer (or fridge if you are to eat it in the next 48 hours) discard any packaging and sanitise your hands.
  • Your food will be dispatched with full storage, defrosting and reheating instructions

Additional items

In addition to the frozen meals we have a selection of groceries that can also be delivered, from coffee (freshly ground or beans) to pasta, olives, our signature roasted ham, cheeses and Salami, milk, eggs and much more.

Helping the community

In using the Drop Bear Delivery Service you will also be helping us to help others in our local community who are at risk or in need. With the support of our suppliers we are committing to donate 20% of the meals we prepare to the Whitstable Umbrella Centre for distribution to the vulnerable in our community during these difficult days.